Sunday, September 7, 2014

A new kit for the stash

While we were out and about yesterday we stopped by Hobby Lobby. They had several kits marked down for clearance. I was about to pass them by when I spotted this one:


Originally $25.99 marked down to $15.99, too good a deal to pass up!

The box contains two bags of white parts (body in one, all the rest of the white sprues in the other), one of chrome, one with clear parts and optional drag slicks in separate compartments, and one bag of wheel pins. There is a folded instruction booklet and a sheet of decals as well. There is no excess room in the box - it's stuffed! The kit offers the option of building either stock or drag racing versions with optional parts for both.

Box art:

Manual and decals:

Parts sprues and bags:

The only release year info I can find is 2012 so it does look like all parts are new tooling. There is very little flash, the exception being the tree with the rear seat and front seat back. Otherwise the molding is crisp and clear. Detail is typical for a model of this scale and price range. Ejection pin marks are minimal, although there are some on the inside roof of the body that will have to be cleaned up.

I plan to do a bit of research before time to paint the exterior comes. One thing I did find already was a brochure listing Ford colors for 1957:

This will come in handy for gauging the color match when the time comes!

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