Friday, June 27, 2014


When I was a very young boy in the mid-1960s I loved to watch my older brother as he built model kits. I was fascinated to see ships, planes, tanks and cars appear from what to me was a box of indecipherable plastic bits. It wasn't too long before I was building my first kit. That hobby has been a lifelong love, although there have been breaks along the way.

This blog is a record of my recent re-entry into the hobby after a long absence. Posting won't be prolific - being retired and on disability doesn't leave much spare change for hobbies - but I'll do my best to update when I can. Kits will be reviewed before, during and after builds. I won't pull punches about flaws, nor will praise be lacking where it is due. In a way this could be considered a blog on modeling with a modest budget, where the modeler demands the best he can get for his money.

The first few entries will cover kits that I've already built, as I didn't think to start this blog before undertaking their assembly. I promise to try and be much more diligent in the future!

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